The Sizzle BBQ Argentinian Steak House

About us

Welcome to The Sizzle BBQ, your ultimate destination for the authentic family BBQ experience, where every dish takes you on an unparalleled journey of flavors. Established in 2017 in Hackettstown, The Sizzle BBQ has become the heart of the Argentine culinary tradition in Newton, New Jersey, where we now proudly serve our community from our sole location. The Sizzle BBQ is a family business operated.

By family restaurant, we really do mean it. I, Maria's son Joaquin, helped her managing the front of the house, establishing customer relations, answering emails, doing proposals, and more. My little sister, Camila, was 12 years old when we opened and she was the one that came up with the name of the restaurant. Something about the sound of the meat sizzling caught her attention and one day she just blurred it out. ''The Sizzle BBQ,'' she said. And from there came the name. She also works as a waitress here even at the age of 14. Most of the empanadas are hand folded every day with the tender love and care of our aunt. Our social media and website are also ran by my other aunt all the way in Argentina. So as you can see, we really are family operated. But we don't do it alone. We have help from others that we're grateful for and have become family along the way.